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Sandwich Town Council: Town and Cinque Port of Sandwich, Kent


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Guildhall Staff

Guildhall court room

Sadwich Guildhall

The present Guildhall was built in 1579, enlarged in 1912, and in 1973, the New Hall, and offices, were added. It is the third Guildhall, the previous one being sited in what is now St. Peter's Churchyard. The original Guildhall almost certainly stood between King Street and The Chain, in the area behind the Old Parsonage.
Incorporated within the present building are:

Offices & Halls:

  • The administration Offices of the Town Clerk
  • An extensive Library, mainly relating to Sandwich and Kent history, with much archival material, invaluable for historical and genealogical research, which is available to the public by appointment - To Contact: Click Here
  • Well appointed halls available for wedding ceremonies, receptions and other functions - See Factsheets for Conditions of Hire

The Guildhall Team:

Laura Fidler - Town Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer
Theresa Weir - - Mayor's Secretary / Admin Assistant
Karen Streatfield- Finance Officer / Admin Assistant
Kevin Cook - Town Sergeant / Caretaker
Philip Dunn - Caretaker
Alan Beal - Caretaker
Paula Fright - Caretaker
Isabelle Crean- Tourist Information Staff
Jacqui Linning- Tourist Information Staff
Stella Dunn - Tourist Information Staff
Sandra Beach- Public Convenience Attendant
Carolyn Grinnell - Public Convenience Attendant
Timothy Wales - Public Convenience Attendant

Historic Rooms:

  • The Council Chamber: where Sandwich Town Council meet twice a month, continuing a tradition dating back over 400 years.
  • The Courtroom: no longer a courtroom, today, this is where wedding ceremonies are performed - Click Here for more history and wedding information.
  • Mayors Parlour: Particularly notable for the fine stained glass window installed to commemorate the 700th anniversary of Sandwich's incorporation as a borough.
  • Jury Room: Built in 1912, this room is extensively used for Civic Functions, Public Meetings & for meetings of the many voluntary organisations within the town.
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